Educational Solar Panel Kits for your life.

by Lofty Energy

Want to learn what makes a solar panel tick? You’ve come to the right place. Lofty Energy specializes in educational solar panel kits. Our start to finish instructions make building a solar panel from a box of parts easy!

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Learn how solar energy works!

See what makes solar panels tick by knowing how they are assembled and the components to them.

Do It Yourself!

Build your own panel(s) for an RV, boat, cabin, or other off grid application. This educational tool gives you a useful end product. Click to visit the gallery to see what you can do once the panel is complete!

Create Opportunities!

Jumpstart your career by taking an early interest in solar energy!

Why wait? Learn how to build a solar panel today!

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About the Kits

Our educational solar panel kits inform our customers how to build a solar panel from scratch. You start with the basic components of a solar panel; solar cells, tabbing wire, bus wire, a waterproof junction box with a built in one-way diode, solder, flux, plastic spacers, and wire.  The end result is a fully functional solar panel. The instructions are easy to follow and make the process as seamless as possible.  By taking an interest in solar, you are taking a step forward into an innovative and helpful change in how we meet our energy needs. Take that step now to learn how to build a solar panel using the best educational tool on the market!

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